The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge is onto something new. While our organization has been serving creative people in the Capital  for over 40 years, we keep working to expand our region’s creative powers, bring together artists and audiences, and support the cultural life of Louisiana. Over the coming months, you’ll notice a new look and feel — beginning with the single letter above and this here Creating BR cyber-newsletter.

Our new branding has been developed with local hot shop and downtown neighbors, Red Six Media. It’s begins with one unadorned, artless “a” and then builds an ever-expanding series — creative lettering that can become anything and everything. To us the letter “a” is the starting point, a tool for communication, a familiar friend, a spark of learning, and often (with creative embellishment) a semiotic surprise. Our new mark will be made and applied in limitless ways. It is the Arts Council’s metaphor for the creative process. It is our monogram for the cultural life of Baton Rouge. It is the arts.

As the Arts Council evolves as an organization, we’ll be launching a new website with expanded services, thanks to local company dezinsINTERACTIVE. And here in your inbox, every week or two, we’ll be trying out new formats for email communications, information services, and cultural promotion. What follows below is our polite invitation: take a look, learn more about the local arts ecosystem, mark your calendar for what interest you, and immerse yourself in our creative community. This is your nudge towards interesting, expressive, thought-provoking cultural experiences.

Thank you for supporting the people, places, and entities that are Creating BR. Thank you for being a friend and supporter of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge.

In the Capital Region, creativity is our language. Let’s talk…

Courtesy of The Art Council of Greater Baton Rouge

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