In the digital media world, we’re bombarded with so many variations of letters. There’s SEO, CMS, PPC, TTA and probably a few more dozen where those came from. When creating a website, designing your new billboards, managing your social media, or simply trying to create a business card, you’re told to grab your audiences’ attention while simultaneously demanding an action, without too much pressure – that’s the CTA, your call to action.


What is a CTA?

A Call to Action tells an audience what their next step is, after reading your online/print content. Whether it be a billboard, your website, your social media, your business card, or anything else marketing wise, we have to give our consumers a next step.


According to Business Matters, “It’s estimated that 90% of people who look at a website will read the CTAs.” Additionally, if a Call to Action is written within the content you’re producing, your conversion rate will increase by over 120%.


How do CTAs work?

While Call to Actions can all be different, they essentially have the same goal: to produce more  business. Whether is be to sign up for a newsletter, apply for a free estimate, enter into a giveaway, follow your social media, call now, email your company, or visit the website – the goals are usually to create more sales, get more customers, and increase your reach.


As we create websites, develop a digital marketing strategy or design ad space, we have a CTA in mind. With the goal in mind, we focus our efforts on increasing brand awareness, showcasing the company’s highlights, while nudging the consumer to take a step. That step, often times, associated with a line of communication, allows the company a step towards finishing the sale, opening an opportunity for further discussion, or gives the company a way to market them in the future.


Creating a CTA is an essential practice your company needs to build better business practices. Oddly enough, it’s one of our favorite things to do. Our marketing team uses your company’s information, services, and products to create a CTA plan that ensures higher numbers. While creating a CTA seems simple enough, it takes deep knowledge to link it to the target audience your trying to reach while doing it most effectively. If you’re interested in adding CTA’s that work to your social media strategy, website design, or simply in your everyday networking essentials, we can help. Did we lose you at CTA? Contact for more info on Call to Actions and how we can implement them into the best strategy that works for your business – is our CTA working on you yet?

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