As more people use mobile devices to get information, Google has realized its algorithms need to change. Soon, Google will release an algorithm update that could affect mobile traffic. It’s being called “Mobilegeddon.”

This change could help increase the visibility of sites customized for smartphones and in turn penalize the rest. Many are fearful of the new algorithm.

With the change, users will find it easier to get relevant, high-quality results. Users will ultimately have a better experience.

Many companies are not prepared. Their websites look the same on smartphones as they do on desktops. This makes many fearful the change.

There are several factors that enhance mobile website visualization. First, do not show the same website on different size screens. Quality and responsiveness of your mobile websites have to be equal to the desktop version.

The vitality of mobile Web is growing, with about a third of all traffic coming smartphones. Therefore, Google has had to adjust to a mobile world where its search ads are less valuable, because they are less effective at creating conversations for marketers and influencing consumers.

Google’s new search algorithm will include about 200 factors. Publishers should use easy-to-read fonts and users should not have to scroll left to right.

Here are some other considerations:

  • Sometimes pop-ups on website suggest going to the app instead. Offer the app across the top of the page instead of blocking the whole page with an interstitial.
  • Format videos to be playable on a mobile device.
  • Make sure all links on your mobile site do not direct users to a page formatted for desktops.

Google has created a site where developers can see if their Web addresses comply with the new mobile standards.

Not sure if your website is mobile ready? Check out Google’s mobile friendly test here.

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