by Christina Riviere

It’s Time for It

Doug Floyd once said, “You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.”

I’m sure you’ve heard the term team-building. This could refer to a group of employees, a sports team, or a leadership council. It has significance for a variety of people.

Do you want the best production out of your workforce? Productivity is vital. Team-building may just be the answer. After all, the collaboration through a team makes or breaks a project.

It creates better relationships and facilitates open communication for employees and management. Team-building also contributes to employee motivation and builds trust as well.

Now that you know what it can do, how will you incorporate it into your business, team or organization?


  1. Feedback Activities: Depending on your office setting, feedback practices help greatly. Whether it’s a survey or short one-on-one meeting, employees can speak freely. This can improve company processes and enhance office morale.
  1. Daily Task Discussion: Each day, discuss priorities with each team member to ensure everyone has what they need and understand what needs to be accomplished.
  1. Outside Activities: These are chiefly important. How else will the new person get to know everyone else? Go to the movies! Grab a drink after work or attend a seminar.
  1. Bi-Monthly Team Meetings: This one is simple. Have a meeting the first week of the month. Make an agenda and order lunch for everyone. Then,  during the last week have another meeting to talk about the successes and non-successes of the month.
  1. Know Yourself: How are you supposed to work with a team if you don’t look at yourself? It’s impossible. Understanding your work style will help you work well with the rest of your team.
  1. Celebrate: At the end of the day, each employee has highs and lows each month. Celebrate the successes. Have a small office party for a birthday. It’s alright to have a little fun every now and then.

Team-Building at DI

Almost every month, the team at dezinsINTERACTIVE gets together for an event outside the office. We value team-building both inside the office and out. From drinks after work, to holiday parties, to client grand openings, we enjoy our time together.

Tomorrow, our team will venture to L’Auberge Hotel and Casino for the 2015 American Advertising Federation-Baton Rouge Awards.


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