Google Analytics is a web analytics service that helps users digest their website traffic, allowing them to nail down and better understand their target market. This tool, proving to be invaluable for small businesses, provides business owners with insights on who visits, shops and buys from their site. With the click of a button, Google Analytics can assist you in revitalizing your business. Below, we have summarized a number of features that you’ll want to utilize.

Ecommerce Tracking

This tool allows users to see where they’re attracting their most profitable customers. Understanding where traffic is coming from can help you adjust your campaigns accordingly and also enables you to begin driving traffic from other sources. This information can not only help you decide where to spend your time, but also how to divide your marketing budget.

Audience Reports

Know your users. This tool gives you direct, actionable insights, including demographics, geolocations, interests and key browsing behaviors.


Small business owners may want to track the number of visits a URL receives or the amount of time customers spend on their site. This is all possible through Google Analytics and by setting a goal number, users are able to see how close they get to meeting or exceeding their goals.

Site Search

This feature compiles a list of keywords customers used when searching on the site. With this information, you’ll be able to know exactly what people are looking for and what they’re having trouble finding.

Flow Visualization

With this tool, you can view every single step that visitors took as they explored your site. This enables you to better understand how they’re engaging with your content and where you may lose them along the way.

SEO Reports via Google Webmaster Tools

These reports allow you to see how well you perform within Google’s search rankings. Business owners will be shown which keywords give them the most impressions, their click through rates and their rankings for individual keywords. If you’d like more information about Google Analytics, email Our team of creatives would love to give you a free analysis on your website and digital marketing.

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