What type of work do you do?

Insurance Sales  / Payroll Services & Outsourced Human Resource Management

Why have you chosen this line of work?

This is an opportunity to assist business owners, their employees, and individuals with benefits related to   healthcare and a sound working environment. Our services are greatly needed given all of the changes, government regulations, and complexities within the markets we serve. Our vast experience and knowledge is more valuable than ever to our clients. We take the guess work and confusion away from the challenges related to insurance, payroll, and HR.

How do you start your day?

Our day begins when we assess the needs of the day as they relate to our clients.  We make sure that we address all emails, phone messages, and any other communications that may have appeared over the past evening.   Efficiency and communication is our main focus at all times.

Best advice ever given to you? What bit advice would you share with others?

Nothing is gained without hard work.  When doing your daily work make sure you base your dealings on honesty as this will carry you further than any other character trait.  

Who do you admire and why?

I admire people who are successful yet humble and understand that we really own nothing as we are only borrowing our possessions for a short time.

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