Previously, companies could utilize Facebook’s  “Parent-Child” pages. Now, businesses can link multiple locations to one main page. This means companies can have separate pages for each location, and they are all connected under one page. Users must fill out a company location spreadsheet and submit it.

Therefore, Facebook must approve your pages. Usually, this is a 48-hour process. Once Locations are set up, page administrators or content creators can manage the subpages from one from locations tab. The Locations pages will default to the same cover photo, name and profile picture of the main page. These can be edited as necessary.

Unfortunately, the main page cannot publish to all of the individual pages. However, Facebook Locations allow businesses and franchises to authentic their identity. It creates a coordinated Facebook presence. These pages also make all locations more visible and ultimately searchable. Lastly, it is an easy way to garner custom deals to a particular location.

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