Whether your day to day marketing is handled by one person, an intern, or an entire team, it’s proven that collaborative minds create the best, most influential results. A digital marketing agency not only pushes the creativity in your company’s marketing strategies but also finds the best, most affordable execution plans for said marketing strategy.

Most companies find themselves in a few different positions when trying to tackle a marketing campaign. Either their budget can’t meet the needs of their goals, their staff doesn’t have the tools necessary, or the company simply doesn’t have the expertise needed to roll out an effective campaign that has the capabilities to increase leads, sales, and ROI.

A company’s biggest nightmare is a decrease in sales and profits. Additionally, staying stagnant is a sign that you’re in need of a new idea, a new marketing plan, or new sales tactics. Partnering with a digital marketing agency is the antidote to building a successful campaign strategy for success. If your company faces one or more of the following issues, it may be time to hire a marketing agency:

Your brand guidelines are out of control

Your brand guidelines pretty much set the tone for the type of messaging you convey. Your brand includes your tone, color scheme, logo, mission, values, and typography. If the content and imagery you’re putting out there don’t align across the board, your brand guideline could be hurting you. It’s proven that consumers retain your brand 80% more when your brand guidelines are consistent.

You’re busy and you simply don’t have the time

Whether you’re busy because of the gigantic amounts of success you’re having or busy because you’re scrambling to make it work, know that an agency puts you first. While you’re busy doing the things that you’re good at it, it makes sense to have someone on your team that does the marketing to make sure that that’s working, too. Collaboration leads to success.

You don’t have the expertise in-house

Tackling the marketing and advertising trends in 2019 is hard. Having people in-house try to perform and create captivating messaging, campaigns and social media often leaves the company in worst shape if they don’t have the expertise needed to effectively handle the needs of the company. While having a digital presence is important, when your digital presence is unattractive, inconsistent or unlike your website’s brand, it’s time to reconsider if in-house marketing is truly effective.

Your budget is small

Having an agency lead your advertising initiatives is much more cost-effective than having someone in-house. Hiring an SEO expert, social media guru, website technician, public relations specialist and project manager in-house compared to hiring an agency that has access to everything needed to market your company, saves your thousands monthly. Hiring an agency increases your ROI, manages your brand, and decreases low productivity while allowing your in-house staff to handle the rest of the job. It’s a win-win!

While reading this, if you’ve recognized your company in one or more way, it may be time to hire a marketing agency. Instead of decreased sales, it’s time to have thriving sales. Utilizing an agency that has total access to the most creative, talented, and knowledgeable people advances all that your company has to offer. If it’s time to turn your company into a productivity powerhouse fueled by marketing gurus who simply understand the world of advertising, email info@dezinsinteractive.com

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