In November, Google launched its Google Helpouts website and Google Play application (for Androids). According to Google, Helpouts’ goal for users is to “Get real help, from real people, in real time.” With Helpouts, people can get help at any time from individuals offering their services. These people include doctors, home repair experts, personal trainers, teachers, and more. Users can choose who they get assistance from, based on ratings, reviews and availability. The Helpouts are divided into several categories: Art & Music; Computers & Electronics; Cooking; Education & Careers; Fashion & Beauty; Fitness & Nutrition; Health; and Home & Garden.

The company’s biggest competitor is itself, YouTube. However, it has a clear advantage over YouTube. Its live, real time capability enables back and forth conversation. The specialists are able to spot problem areas on the spot. This process is efficient and ultimately time-saving.

Some Helpouts are free, but you’ll have to pay for others. Instructors have the ability to charge what they want for their services. For example, the brand Kitchit, a concierge chef service, offers tutorials for a fee. From Photoshop crises to writing a résumé, users will find answers using Helpouts.

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