Geofencing is a service that allows companies to send notifications to smartphone users within a designated geographical area. It is employed as a marketing tool to directly interest potential customers in the area by sending promotions and information straight to the consumer’s phone. Here’s what you should know about building your business with geofencing tools.

Geofencing technology draws a virtual perimeter around real-life geographic places. This geographic border can be custom drawn so that it is around the perimeter of your business. Geofencing technology uses location-based services to track when someone enters or exits the geographic border you have set up. When this happens, an alert/advertisement is sent to the user’s smartphone about your business when searching the web or on social media. For example, shoppers in a retail area would see a sales promotion for a business located within the shopping center on their Facebook, Instagram, online searches or throughout other mobile apps.

Geofencing provides a business with perfect market timing while remaining cost-effective. Most companies don’t have a large budget for marketing and advertising; however, they still need these tools to develop their business and increase sales reach. Using geofencing allows businesses to compete with other companies with a much smaller budget.

Geofencing promotes your brand and reminds customers of what you have to offer. We utilize geofencing to help businesses place their products and services directly in front of consumers that are near their retail store. If you’d like more information about geofencing, we’d love to connect you with our digital media team. Contact for more information.

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