While every business owner knows that personalized messaging is important, sometimes we all need a little reminder. It’s vital to any business’ success to create modern email marketing that is interesting and personalized to the audience you’re sending a campaign to.

Every inbox is bombarded with spam. Because of that, customers have adapted to be smart to identify valuable emails from spam emails. Because of email marketing, 78% of consumers say that personally relevant content increases their purchase intent (Marketo). With a few various tactics, we’ll take your email marketing from zero to hero. Use these tips to develop stronger relationships between your company and your audience.

1. Create attention-grabbing content

Realistically, you have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention if you want them to read through your entire newsletter. Whether your immediate graphics or text give the main topics, a discount/deal, or something note-worthy, it’s vital to help the first impression be the best one. Throughout the newsletter, be sure to continuously ask yourself, “Is this worth reading through?” If it isn’t, rethink your strategy. Likewise, your subject line should be short and full of jazz. Creating a short, quick, punch-line helps your audience open your email. Think hard about it because it’s the first step towards increasing your open-rate.

2. Design a great layout

Often times, small businesses don’t know enough about design to create a well-designed template for their newsletter. Thankfully, providers like MailChimp and ConstantContact offer a couple various free templates. While we don’t think these free templates should be used forever, they are definitely a great start to creating a dynamic, attention-grabbing newsletter. Use the templates to create a simple, sleek newsletter that offers photos, text and graphics needed to market your audience. 

3. Know your limits

Knowing your limits means just that: know your limits – with how often you send emails and how much you incorporate into each email. We give ourselves and our clients a golden rule: one email blast a month; but, two at most. Sending too many emails and newsletters leads to an increase in unsubscribes. Likewise, you don’t want to include too much into each email. Sending a long email blast takes time to read, and unfortunately, unless your content is the best of the best, you may lose your audiences’ attention in the middle. Remember the golden rule: one or two emails a month and limit your content to the most important only. 

4. Grow your email list

One of the biggest downfalls in email marketing is when a business gets comfortable with their email list. When networking, collecting satisfaction surveys or building your customers, be sure to grab their email address and add it to your email list subscription. Adding more people allows for a bigger audience; hence, more sales!

5. Utilize the professionals

Realistically, creating an incredible email blast is possible. But, with the help of professionals, it’s undeniable. If you’re interested in creating a newsletter blast that is packed with creative content, eye-catching graphics, and valuable sales tactics, let us help. Contact info@dezinsinteractive.com for more information on your digital marketing strategy. 

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