We encourage email marketing because it’s powerful, impacts so many people, and is a low-cost way to expose your brand. Every single day, we receive emails that offer exclusive deals, inside stories, and useful information. Whether someone signs up for a newsletter for a freebie, a coupon code, or out of pure interest, when they’re signed up, they’re inclined to open the company’s emails to find out what more they can get from a company or organization.

Building an email list, however, takes time. While there’s no “magic quick step” to gaining thousands of subscribers, there’s magic in the process. What works for a company next door may not work for you – but, here’s how you can begin:

  1. Clarify that the individual is subscribing – no one likes to be tricked!
  2. Use a freebie
  3. Include a coupon code
  4. Offer customized content
  5. Use a website pop-up as an opt-in
  6. Use in-person signup sheets
  7. Add a comment section on your website that requires an email
  8. Utilize your social media following
  9. Do a giveaway
  10. Partner with other brands

Once you’ve decided on your strategies to gain subscribers, be sure to include an incentive to keep their interest. Some “free” incentives are:

  • Gift guides or “Best of” lists
  • Exclusive deals
  • Free Shipping
  • Limited time free access
  • Live webinars or workshops

The number one thing to remember while building an email list is to consistently put out information that is worth taking a seat in their inbox. It’s important to create a great looking email blast while including content that is interesting, worth taking note of and includes a call to action. Listen to your audience and offer information, tools, and products that boost engagement. If you’re taking the big leap to build an email list, understand customer personas and start creating engaging, worthy content for your subscribers. If you need help creating content and engaging your target audience, we can help. Email info@dezinsinteractive.com for more information on email marketing.

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