If you’re talking blogging, then without question – the answer is YES.

More and more businesses have discovered how a web site blog can be one of their most powerful tools for staying in touch with customers.

On top of their industry.

And, one step ahead of their competition.

OK, we’ll admit it.  Blogs can be like relationships. Easy to get going, but hard to keep interesting.

But when kept updated and fresh, a business-to-business-blog is the consummate combination of suggestion box, newsletter, annual report, press release, sales call, testimonial, board meeting, focus group and market research.

And considering the cost – let’s just say that the benefits are well worth it.

Think about it.

Your blog is an outlet, an open forum for those who use your product every day.

So by offering common ground for people with common interests, you’ll receive genuine insight into their thoughts and opinions.

Their suggestions are potential stepping-stones for both product improvement and new product innovation.

And we don’t have to tell you that an unsolicited, favorable comparison of your product versus a competitors – carries a lot of water!!

With all that in mind, here are a handful of ways to keep your B2B Blog up-to-date and on-the-money.

Offer your customers a list of other sites, links and resources on your product and industry

Have a new product – Or updated an existing one – Share! (more than a sales tool, your blog is a great educational tool as well.)

So whether it’s new or improved, by the time they get your new product in place, there’s little if any down time for learning.

Highlight a professional within your industry or company (people like to knowwho they’re doing business with). Acknowledging achievements from a long-standing employee, awards or reviews garnered by your company, or introducing new members of your team really helps to keep things up close and personal.

Announce upcoming events, trade shows, conferences (by giving your customers a preview of what they can expect to see, as well as promoting any prizes or giveaways, gives them real incentive to stop by)

Give your customers a background look at your company’s history, mission, or philosophy

Create a section for FAQs (and as new questions pop up, pop ?em in)

Pose questions ask for input – and encourage discussion? of any new trends or directions, ongoing legislation or upcoming changes in your industry.

Is your product or service seasonal?  Then put your own spin on the holidays and create your own company celebration.

Discuss current or new products from your competitors (when your customers offer their own reviews  and comparisons everyone will see it and you’ll see just how powerful a positive testimonial can be)

As you can see, with a little effort and imagination, and by keeping it fresh, informative and entertaining, there’s no shortage of top-of-mind topics  or potential benefits with your B2B blog.

By: Jim Overby – Contributing Writer

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