There is a lot more to being a successful business than just knowing your specialty skills… ESPECIALLY if you are the owner of that business.

For me, I have naturally always had strengths in communication, design, marketing and understanding the larger picture of a scenario. But having owned my own business for almost a decade now, has definitely required me to step out of my comfort zone on many an occasion.

My Income Detail relates to my P&L and therefore there is a cash projection of what as it relates to my sales funnel? LOL Any of this sound familiar?

Well, being a member of TAB (The Alternative Board) now for over 3 years really has helped me grow my business in countless ways. Whether it be on understanding financials, staffing questions, strategic business leadership, goals or just having a caring group of other business owners support me through all the ups and downs of business ownership… Seriously, TAB is the answer.

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