Maybe you’ve heard the Google announcement of the new mobile – friendly algorithm; or maybe you’ve actually experienced the consequences. Then again maybe you have not the slightest clue what Google is doing and how it may affect your website. Let me explain. The point of the algorithm is supposed to increase the effect of mobile friendly ranking signals.

This is something Google rolled out gradually, so it wouldn’t be a major drop off on non – mobile – friendly websites when they actually pushed the algorithm out.

The mobile friendly algorithm was designed as a page – by – page signal, therefore it could take time for Google to get to each page. This  also explains why it took time for the update to roll out fully. Depending on how fast Google indexes the pages on your site, you may have noticed a drop in your mobile search results earlier in the month or you may just now notice it. Well, that is if you’re someone who doesn’t have a mobile friendly site. On the bright side it was stated that if you have a really well written website your ranking may not drop at all or by much.

Google maybe in a way penalizing those sites that aren’t mobile – friendly but they are offering you something that can help you end that penalty. They have also launched a mobile – friendly testing tool.  All you have to do is put in your website and it will tell you within a few seconds if you have a mobile – friendly site or not.

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