It’s Friday. You’ve planned a fun date night. You grab your phone, open the internet, and immediately go to Google. Once there, you type in “Italian restaurants in Baton Rouge.” From there, you’re faced with the decision to choose a restaurant based off of the top restaurants listed. But, did you know that the restaurants listed at the top of the search results actually strategize their SEO efforts to land there?

Being on the top of that Google list takes a well-crafted Search Engine Optimization strategy. Consumers turn to search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to find services, goods, businesses and reviews. Your SEO determines your place on the search results, and in turn, can be a huge factor in website traffic that generates sales leads. Using these five tips to improve your SEO ranking will utilize your website and online presence to help list your site.

1. Perfect your keyword search

Your keyword search has the ability to make or break your business’ SEO efforts. When using keywords, you must remember to avoid broad keywords. Using keywords that are specifically targeting your key audience will help increase a more targeted search. For example, if you own a local boutique, you’d want to to use “Boutique in Baton Rouge” or “Baton Rouge Boutique” rather than “Boutique” to avoid global search results. More defined keywords will filter out the useless traffic.

2. Check your on-page optimization

Utilizing on-page optimization can be the sole reason your website, when searched, displays as the top listing or on page four. Ways to improve and capitalize your on-page optimization is by having an seo-friendly URL on every page, using outbound links, incorporating relevant page titles, maximizing website speed, integrating social media platforms and using keywords from your SEO.

3. Content is key

In addition to your on-page optimization, you must choose your content wisely. While the content on your website is important for website visitors, it is also useful when someone using a search engine to search for the exact things your business offers. Google also recognizes websites that update content regularly. An easy way to update and freshen content on a regular basis is by incorporating a blog onto your website.

4. Incorporate high-quality links

Two types of links improve your SEO ranking – your website’s and other website’s. The links on your website are important because it connects your business to other businesses. Being linked on another website helps establish credibility. Having quality links leads to more search traffic which directly impacts your business to get more customers.

5. Track your progress and update your site frequently

Last but not least, monitor and track your SEO data. Using analytics helps reveal what is working and what is hindering your website traffic growth. Using the data, the numbers and the keyword information to improve your SEO over time will help establish what works for your business. Even if your business is the top listing, you must continuously find ways to improve your SEO to maximize the search results to fit your website’s structure and to continue beating your competition.

Using these five tips to build your Search Engine Optimization strategy will increase traffic and sales. However, if you’re looking for a custom SEO strategy managed by professionally trained SEO experts, we’re ready to give you top results. Literally.

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