If you’re running a business, chances are you’re aware of the power of Google and its importance when it comes to getting your business known. You’re also probably aware that it takes more than a flashy product and website to appear on relevant Google searches. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key factor in how well your business does on search results, and while there are many factors that affect your SEO, there are a few key components that can help boost your Google landing. One of the components are a little thing called meta tags.

Off the top of your head you may not be familiar with the concept of meta tags, but if you’ve ever Googled something you’ve seen plenty of these. Meta tags are snippets of texts that describe a page’s content, appearing as a title of your website on any search engine results. These tags can appear as personalized descriptions of the website your visiting or as a series of bolded keywords relevant to what you are searching. Your meta tag description is one of the first impressions users will have when searching for your business and can play a vital part in their decision of whether they choose to visit your site over a competitors’.

Meta tags are important for SEO as they contain a series of keywords that determine the relevancy of your page in search results. In turn, the more relevant your meta tag is, the more likely your page will appear higher on search engines. Your meta tag should include an attractive description of your website along with keywords relevant to your business page. In addition to meta tag descriptions, one of the most important factors in SEO is your title tag. The title tag is the text you’ll see on top of the search engine result acting as a link to the website when clicked. While the title tag is much shorter, it is the head block of the page, and ultimately what users look for when deciding on which search results to use.

While meta tags and titles are important to SEO, it takes a little more than fancy keywords and commentary to achieve top search engine rankings. There are sets of codes and complicated algorithms that Google and many search engines use to determine how a website ranks; however, implementing correct meta tags and descriptions can help boost the relevancy and attractiveness of your website to users.

Digital marketing and SEO are important pillars to the structure of many businesses nowadays. Studies show approximately 80% of consumers use search engines to find local businesses and information on products and services. Having relevant search rankings is essential in brand awareness, that’s why dezinsINTERACTIVE is ready to help with your marketing needs. Build your brand and increase conversions by taking advantage of our fantastic SEO services and more. Call now at (225) 615-8358 or visit us at http://www.dezinsinteractive.com to set up a consultation, and start building your brand today.

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