In this day in age, technology has allowed us to connect with the world easier than ever before. Social media can help deepen your connections with existing customers, and it allows you to market your product to new consumers on a more personal level.

With times constantly changing, it’s important to stay on top of recent trends and maximize marketing efficiency. In this article, you’ll discover four ways to increase customer retention via social media.

#1: Get to Know Your Customers as Individuals

Customers want to be more than just a number or email address you send invoices to. Getting to know them better and learning what’s important to them allows you to anticipate your customers’ needs and offer appropriate solutions for new challenges they face.

Profile enrichment services will help you fill the gaps in your knowledge about your customers. For example, Clearbit for Salesforce can scour social media services and other available data sources for insights and deliver more complete profiles of each audience member.

Armed with these insights, your sales team will be better equipped to personalize sales pitches and appeal directly to your customers’ real needs.

#2: Make Sure Your Business Is Easy to Find on Social Media

This sounds easy, but far too many businesses are difficult to find on social media. They either restrict their activities to one or two social networks, or simply don’t promote their social media profiles enough for anyone to notice.

The customer service experience has changed profoundly in recent years. Email and call centers remain valuable touchpoints for customers. At the same time, however, increasing numbers of customers are active enough on social media that they expect you to be reachable where they are.

Solving this challenge is relatively easy. Identify the social media platforms where your customers are active and talking about you, and be sure to maintain active profiles on those platforms. Then promote your various social media profiles on your site and in your communications with customers.

#3: Utilize Social Media Management Tools

Again, being dedicated to solving your customers’ challenges means your customer support team needs to maximize efficiency and effectiveness on social media.

In recent times, advertising and marketing has evolved with the change in technology. Fortunately, the major social networks have embraced their changing roles and developed powerful solutions to help you optimize support efforts from within social apps.

Other third-party applications, such as SproutSocial, allow you to manage multiple social media accounts through a single platform and even schedule when your posts will be made ahead of time. This helps ensure your social media accounts are not only active but consistent in the timing of your posts.

#4: Help Your Customers Spread the Word for You

If the only people seeing your posts are those who are already familiar with your company, the “social” part of your online presence can be significantly limited. Encouraging your customers to leave feedback and share their experiences can help boost your social media presence and extend your marketing to new potential clients.

Look out for customer testimonials on social media and share them with other customers. You can do this through your Facebook page, on Twitter, and elsewhere whenever customers @mention your business. Testimonials are a powerful form of social proof and feedback for your business.

Be sure to retweet or repost customers’ raves and reach out to them directly if they express dissatisfaction on social media. When you reach out directly to a customer on social media, even if you do it privately to address a complaint, you might be able to persuade an uncertain customer to stick with your solution and even reverse a customer’s decision to move to a different solution.


One of the more effective ways to retain existing customers is through social media. The reason for this is social media is a deeply personal platform that delivers deep insights into customers’ behaviors and preferences. Social media marketing is an effective way to develop one-to-one relationships with customers and encourage them to continue using your business in the future.

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