Google’s algorithmic-based rules are dynamic – they are always changing, and businesses are hard-pressed to find ways to maintain their lofty positions as kings of the internet search. However, with each change, those who discover how to organically improve their ranking tend to be the winners in the race to climb to the top of Google’s analytical ladder.

At the core of every Google update is a focus on enhancing users’ reliable searchability with relevant websites. The goal is to give more people what they want when they search, and businesses need to know how to attract more of those wandering searchers.

There are multiple elements Google’s algorithms look for when evaluating a company’s website, including a strong social media presence, useful links and a low bounce rate, which requires visitors to spend quality time exploring the site.

To further get Google’s attention, businesses need to grow organically. This means more ‘manual’ work to potentially move up the ranks. Organic growth for your website includes:

  • Setting up social media profiles for your company.
  • Regularly updating a relevant, interesting and interactive company blog.
  • Engaging in the comment sections of your social media and blog.
  • Joining forums that are related to your company’s services.
  • Updating your website’s text with keywords and uploading unique pictures.
  • Creating social buzz through encouraging clients to share news about your company.

Following this guide can increase search engine optimization for your company’s site and place you higher on internet searches. This type of manual, organic ranking has been proven to be even more effective than pay-per-click ads and paid positioning.

If you have the drive and patience for organic ranking, your site could sit comfortably at the top with Google’s good graces.

Every brand has a story, and at dezinsINTERACTIVE, we believe everyone should have a chance to share it. We can help you maximize your search engine optimization potential and grow organically to reach more clients than ever before. Call us at (225) 615-8358 or visit to find out how we can share your story together.

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