The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights legislation that ensures that websites are accessible to those with disabilities. ADA compliance helps give Americans across the spectrum the same opportunities. As technology and the internet continues to grow, we must continue widening the accessibility and credibility of our online presence. In doing so, we are more inclusive, more competitive and more visible to our target audience.

1. You include another demographic in your reach

Expanding your reach not only increases the people who see your advertising, but also increases the number of people who are interested in your product. More and more websites are missing the vital piece that could make them stand out – ADA compliance. Whether you’re a construction company or a bakery, the ability to build and create something for someone begins with the ability to read and navigate through your website.

2. It could save you from a lawsuit

Did you know that if someone with a disability can’t access the information needed from your business’ website, they can take you to court? When your website is ADA compliant, you’re allowing for an easier, more accessible reach to those with vision impairment, etc. while avoiding a possible lawsuit.

3. It helps create credibility amongst the community

Your business is important to you. Being ADA compliant shows others just how important it is. The people in your community want to support small businesses, and in return, we should support them, no matter the case. Having accessibilities that other websites don’t allows you the credibility needed to thrive in a cut-throat business world.

4. Businesses perform better when they’re more inclusive

Inclusivity and diversity make for better business. When you create a space that incorporates ways to help others, people tend to stick around. Better business practices begin with how you treat both your customers and employees. ADA compliance helps establish that trust.

5. Accessibility creates more opportunity

With accessibility, there’s opportunity. Millions of potential customers are being overlooked and undervalued because of websites that simply aren’t easily accessible. Creating something for those with disabilities shows potential customers just how valuable they are to you. Because of this, word of mouth begins to travel and you’re destined for better business opportunities.

When you create a space that incorporates ways to help others, people tend to stick around.

6. Improves your SEO

Meta tagging, alternative image text, and video transcripts are ways to help create an ADA compliant website. When inclusive of these things, your search engine optimization ratings increase. Want your website first on google search? Have a great website thats inclusive of all people.

7. It’s the right thing to do

With 50 million people in America with disabilities, it should be a goal of every small business owner to create a website that includes all people. While you’re missing an entire demographic, you’re also missing the mark with your inclusivity and diversity initiatives in your business. We’re always learning ways to better our agency, better our capabilities and better our accessibility. If you’re unsure if your website is ADA compliant and are ready to increase your accessibility, visibility and accountability, we’re ready to help you take that next step.

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