Let’s be honest consumers are no longer only exposed to services or new products simply from browsing the internet or walking into a store. We live in a world where we are constantly consciously and subconsciously being advertised to. This is done through a variety of devices and social media platforms. This has lead to digital marketing evolving to ensure that messages are getting to the right people. Here are 4 trends of 2016, proving that digital marketing is surely evolving.

  1. Live Video Streaming: Mobile technology as well as connectivity is constantly improving leading to more and more time being spent on mobile devices. Consumers are spending 162 minutes of their day on mobile devices. Of those 162 minutes 86% of the time is being spent on apps and 14% browsing. With those numbers in mind many businesses have been concentrating more on advertising on apps. Lately they’ve been experimenting with live video streaming apps. This is a good platform for business to host Q&A’s. Which is a great way not only to communicate with your audience but have them communicate with you.
  2. Podcast: Though podcast have been in existence for years not it wasn’t until 2015 that podcast listeners grew significantly all over the world. This growth is simply because technology has finally caught up with the medium. Mobile apps such as iTunes and Stitcher for android allow users to subscribe and sync new podcast directly to their phone. Podcast are great for amplifying the personality of you or your business. It also allows for your audience to listen while multitasking. A good podcast will build a following. For every new follower you have a new lead. Once these new followers hear the information on your podcast they’ll visit your website, blog, and other platforms, in search of more information.
  3. Instagram: Visual stimulation has somewhat taken over society, so there is no shock as to why Instagram is now one of the top social media apps. Instagram is now catering to the business world, by offering paid advertising. This can be done in a 3 second video or with a carousel ad.
  4. Pinterest: Pinterest like the many other social media sites after noticing its popularity is cashing in on that by catering to businesses in some way or another. Though we may not all be fully use to buyable, pins Pinterest is giving us more. They are now allowing brands to target a specific person based on their interests.

Ninety percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals also are processed 60,000 times faster than plain text in the brain. All four trends have a visual aspect to them, which explains why all are trending. We don’t want to lose site of the role written content plays but we most definitely want to always make sure that whatever we’re putting out there is visually appealing. Draw them in with the visuals and keep them there with interesting content.

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